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Help and support for your technology is just a tap away!

AT&T ProTech provides premium benefits with your enrollment in AT&T Protect Advantage. *

With the AT&T ProTech app, you will enjoy virtually unlimited access to our team of trained support experts. We can help you set up a new phone, get connected to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, apps, speakers, smart devices, car, and so much more. The answers to your biggest tech questions are right in your pocket. It only takes one click to call or chat with an expert today!

Plus, you can free up your device's memory with easy access to AT&T Photo Storage! We’ll help you seamlessly and securely back up your device's photos and videos.

To give you the best help possible, a ProTech support expert may ask to view your screen. Depending on your device, we may need to request administrator access to provide remote support. This access will only happen with your permission and will be disabled when the remote session ends.

For continuous improvement of the ProTech app, real-time user analytics and crash reports may be collected.

Reach out to a ProTech expert today. We’re here to help!

* AT&T Protect Advantage subscription not required for limited ProTech benefits. Learn more at

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