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Enjoy the hangman game on your mobile or tablet! This gallow classic game is suitable for all ages, especially for those adults who want to practice their language skills and vocabulary or kids learning new words. The classic hangman for your device.

The hangman, also known as "hanged" is a classic game in which you will have to guess a word by choosing the letters that you think may be included in it.

The hangman game will give you the option to choose vowels and consonants to try to guess which word is hidden. For each mistake that you make, the figure of a stick man will be formed: first the gallows, then the head, the body and, finally, the arms and legs. Guess the word before the gallow is complete.

You will win the hangman game if you can write the correct word before the figure of the stick man is completed. If not, it will be hanged and the game will be finalized.

Hint: use the vowels first, since there are more chances to guess a secret letter (a, e, i, o, u ... etc).


- For all ages. Ideal hangman for adults and senior players
- Hundreds of words and levels
- Learn vocabulary and words in different languages
- Simple and fun game
- Totally free
- Attractive and colorful design
- Possibility to enable or remove the sound.

The hangman is available in different languages ​​for players around the world: Spanish ahorcado, English hangman, Portuguese jogo da forca, French le pendu, Italian l'impiccato and many more!


Tellmewow is a mobile games development company specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability which makes our games ideal for the elderly or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without major complications.


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