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Top graphic MMORPG brings you to the ancient fairy world: enjoy the love journey through millennium

[Visual Feast]
The model from top graphic team will immerse you to the dreamy fairy world: beautiful scenery, vivid buildings, and splendid special effects can definitely grant you a visual feast.

[Romantic Love]
Find a loved one to enjoy this journey together: wedding ceremony, have a baby, wonder in game world, and support each other: virtual world but true love.

[High rate and abundant loots]
Be the boss hunter now! Slaying bosses with your buddies and share the rich loots. The high rate will guarantee the good boss harvest and help you be the top one!

[Rich Social Communication]
Join the dance ball and be a shiny dancer, come to the hot spring party to have a relax, or apply into a sect to know more friends… Various social communication daily event will sweep your loneliness: you can also share these happy moments in game!

[Fashion Carnival]
Nerve worry about being out of style. Decorate yourself via delicate clothes, cool weapons, cute pets, outstanding mounts, and colorful haircut: this is a fashion carnival for you.

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