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The MyDISH app enables you to manage your DISH account from anywhere quickly and easily on your mobile device. View and pay your bill, manage your appointments and programming, order Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand, manage your preferences and more… all on the go. It’s just one more of the many ways DISH continues to offer fantastic customer experiences and help you enjoy TV more than ever!

MyDISH Account
• Create a MyDISH account (used to access the MyDISH app,, DISH Anywhere app,, and more)
• Retrieve your MyDISH username
• Reset your MyDISH password

• View technician photo and monitor technician location in real time
• Review appointment date/time

• View current bill breakdown
• Make a payment
• View previous statements
• View payment history

• View your channel line-up
• Customize your package and explore options
• Compare TV packages side by side

• View your data usage meters
• Purchase additional data capacity

Pay-Per-View & Video on Demand
• Browse & order movies, sports, events and adult
• Click on the ‘Watch TV’ link to launch DISH Anywhere and watch TV shows and movies instantly on your mobile device – all for free!

• Set up/change eBill and AutoPay
• Manage your account info: Contact info, security settings, etc.
• Reauthorize your DISH Outdoor service

Refer a Friend
• Refer your friends and family to DISH via email, text message, or social media
• Once they’re installed with DISH, pick from great rewards like a FREE Echo Dot, 12 FREE Pay-Per-View movies, or $50 in bill credits!
• View all your referrals and rewards history

• Restart your DISH service if it has been cancelled or temporarily suspended

• Provide us feedback so that we could improve the DISH experience

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