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You are someone who enjoys maritime activities ranging from fishing to water sports to blue water sailing. You’ve likely been in a situation where you are about to set off on your journey when suddenly the weather conditions changed drastically and ruined your adventure. It’s time to put those days behind you with an app that can give you real-time maritime conditions for any location in the U.S. and coastal waters. Get the marine forecast you need and start planning your adventures worry-free!

Nautical eye is a mobile app for nautical and maritime reporting that provides users with a time sensitive comprehensive picture of their surroundings and assist in their decision making. We offer data from our state-of-the-art environmental geospatial data services, while providing reports from professional local experts and businesses. You’ll get constant updates from satellites, radar, buoys, surface stations, tides, NOAA weather forecasts, nautical charts, and more on-demand all in one app.

Our mission is to give you the best maritime experience that you can have without having to worry about the changes that can occur when you’re planning your trip or out on the water. By doing so, we connect you to other businesses and organizations nationwide that will provide you with the necessary information that you need to plan ahead of time. We are here to provide sailors with the best sailing app; anglers with an accurate fishing weather app; surfers with an updated surf forecast; and a general forecast for everyone.

Local reports from professionals & U.S. businesses nationwide:
- Fishing
- Boating
- Watersports
- Marinas
- More

Custom Satellite Products
- Water Surface Temperature (updated hourly)
- Water Quality (updated daily)
- Ocean Color (updated daily)

NOAA National Weather Service Hourly point weather (0-36 hours) & tide forecasts (7 days)
Nautical Charts and Wrecks & Reefs
Real-Time NOAA Watches, Warnings, Advisories
Hourly Surface Observations
NOAA Weather Radar (every 2 min)

Satellite Observations (every 5 min)
- Imagery of Clouds & Earth’s Surface
- Total Lightning
- NOAA National Weather Service 7 Day Graphical Forecast Maps

- Wind Speeds
- Wind Gust
- Wave Height
- Dew Point Temperature
- Temperature

Opt-in location based lightning notifications (every 5 min)

All of these and more make us one of the best sailing apps, fishing weather app, surf forecast, and general forecast app you could find.

Have a fishing, boating, watersport or any other maritime business? Share your message with an audience that is looking for businesses just like yours. Use our state-of-the-art geospatial platform to advertise your services and grow your business. You can advertise in one of two ways:

Ad Reports: Ad-Reports are a very detailed and engaging manner in which to attract business. Your report provides time sensitive, geospatial information that users will be very interested in viewing.

Advertising: Advertisements require little management, allowing you to streamline your promotions. Advertisements also stand-out from other posts so your message can capture the attention of users.

You really can’t go wrong advertising to an audience that has been searching for the best sailing apps, boating forecast, sailing weather apps, among many other nautical and maritime related activities. This audience is looking for you. Take advantage of this and get more QUALITY exposure for your business!

Whether you are looking for something as specific as a fish weather app or just a general forecast of the water that awaits you, Nautical Eye is the app you need to be prepared for your next trip. Download Nautical Eye - connect, explore, discover and get out there!

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