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The Onewheel app connects your Android device to your Onewheel.
The app uses Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to monitor many important things about your Onewheel and customize your Onewheel's handling to suit your riding style.

• Low battery alert
• Regeneration alert (battery overcharge warning when going downhill)
• Point of no return message (50% battery charge left)
• Battery fully charged notification
• New top speed message
• Wheelslip detection
• Consumption display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have already burned
• Regeneration display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have regenerated (when going downhill or braking)
• Estimated remaining range according to your current riding profile
• Total odometer display
• Speed display
• Board live movement display: shows the movement of your board
• Auto connect to your favorite Onewheel
• Board name: give your Onewheel a name
• Android Wear app
• Social sharing and online leaderboards
• GPS track recording


Change the way your Onewheel rides, the way a surfboard shaper
customizes the ride for an individual rider.


Keep track of your battery status and other key riding parameters
while you fly through the world.


Control the LED lighting on your Onewheel.


The first boardsport you can upgrade from the cloud! Enhance your
riding experience by loading the latest Onewheel firmware onto your
Onewheel using your Android device. No cable required!

Android Wear

Android Wear connectivity allows you to monitor your Onewheel's battery status and speed and adjust your Digital Shaping directly from your wrist!

Battery disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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