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From the creators of Trivia Crack and Aworded Crack!

Are you a fan of word games? Are you an expert word master? Well, then this is the right game for you! Word Show takes the classic word puzzle to a whole new level of fun, giving a fresh twist to the world of crosswords and anagrams.

CONNECT THE LETTERS and learn thousands of new words while having a blast with Panchito, our canine friend. The best word search is guaranteed with this brain challenging game!

TEST YOUR VOCABULARY in this exciting word game! Shake up your brain trying to solve tons of challenging word puzzles, anagrams and crosswords! Stuck with the word search? No worries! You can get a little help from bonuses; the more extra words you find, the more bonuses you’ll get. The dictionary is the limit!

LEARNING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! Put your vocabulary to the test!

MORE THAN 250 LEVELS of crosswords, anagrams and word puzzles designed to redefine the concept of fun! And the best part? You can use the letters as many times as you want!

What are you waiting for? Join Panchito and become the spelling genius you were born to be!

Key features:
- Learn thousands of new words while having tons of fun
- Expand your vocabulary and train your brain
- No time pressure! Play at your own pace, whenever you want, wherever you want
- Hundreds of levels to test your abilities
- Use the letters as many times as you want!

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