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New Yr on iPhone and iPad is different from anything else you’ve seen in weather forecasting: Scroll through a beautiful and animated sky to see how the weather changes hourly, and get all the need-to-know details at the same time. And if there will be rainfall within the next 90 minutes we'll let you know through our now-cast.

The weather visualization makes it a fun experience to check the weather – even when it’s raining!

Check details day by day and hour by hour in the long-term forecast, or study the details in the graph.

Under "Around you" you get an overview of air pollution and pollen spread, as well as the latest weather observations in your area.

Forecasts are delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

ABOUT US: Yr is a weather service jointly produced by NRK and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Our primary goals are to secure life and property, while delivering useful and accurate weather forecasts to our users, preparing them for all kinds of weather. This year we are celebrating our ten-year anniversary, and with millions of users every day we are proud of being one of the most popular weather services in the world.

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